LAM MK23 Upgrade

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LED Colore
Couleur de la Lampe


Fabrication Française


2 Anni di Garanzia


Modifications :

♦ Modification of the battery type: 3x 1.5V non-rechargeable batteries ► 1x CR123A rechargeable.

♦ Replacement of the original lighting with LEDs that are more efficient (due to the power) and more discreet (due to the blue color): The best for your night trips!

♦ Protection of the electronic system to avoid overvoltages (also protects a battery inserted in the wrong direction).

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Scheda tecnica

Consumo di energia
~50 mAh
+50 h
Tipo di batteria
1 x CR123A
Vert ou Bleu ou IR 950nm (invisible à l’œil)


FR - Notice de montage LAM Mk23

FR - Notice de montage LAM Mk23

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