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Counter Strike Lover?
This electronic kit is made for you!

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My Airsoft Game proposes with this product to realised your own fake bomb.
This assembly permits to realize a fake bomb very easily.
But the simplicity of mounting, does not put aside an imposing program!

Through the setting menu,you will be able to define the 2 following parameters:

► Arming Time
► Defusing Time

These 2 times must be multiples of 5s and can go from 5s, 10s, 15s, ... to 5min max.
The 2 times may have different values if you want to unbalance the game.

Once the settings are set in, they will be integrated in the internal memory and will be taken again each time.
If you want to change these settings, just go back to the setting menu.

If you do not go through the setting menu, you will come directly into the game and can therefore change the following parameter:

► The countdown value

The countdown must be a multiple of 5min and can go from 5min, 10min, ... 90min (1:30 countdown!)

Like the C4 bomb, the system can be pre-armed, thus preventing any change in the countdown. This pre-arming system does not start counting : It will be necessary to maintain the arming button to start the countdown.

As some objectives can happen by night and in silence, My Airsoft Game thought to add a small jumper to switching off the buzzer beep, thus making the bomb completely silent (except BIP explosion).


• This kit can also be delivered with a USB cable which permits to operate the module from a rechargeable battery bank (5V) rather than from a 9V battery.


Data sheet

Power consumption
45 mm
122 mm
96 mm
Battery type
5min to 1h30 (+5min step)
Arming time
5s to 5min (+5s step)
Defusing time
5s to 5min (+5s step)



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Recycling, environment and risks.

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