KIT : Conquest Terminal


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This electronic kit permits to realise a conquest terminal.


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2 Years Warranty

This kit contains all the electronics parts required to realise a conquest point.

You can thereby, adapte it on the support you like !

This kit exists in 2 versions:

 - 1 buton which permits to convert the point.
 - 2 butons, that you have to press for converting the point.

You also will need:

1 soldering iron + tin
1 cutter plier + 1 wire stripper

These kits permit game up to 3 teams.

The rule is to convert all the terminals in order to apply your team color (RED, BLUE or GREEN). At the end, the team which get the more points will be the winning one. (You will find more information on this page)

As you can organize different scenarios, here is how to set your device:

Réglage d'un point de conquête


Data sheet

8 cm
Battery type
Time Team
15 - 30 - 45 - 60min
Conversion Time
4 - 8 - 12 - 24 (Blinks)
Number of teams
2 and 3 : Blue and Red or Blue, Red and Green


FR - Kit de montage CONQUETE

Download (454.61k)

Drill pattern

Download (91.24k)

Récapitulatif de réglages

Download (809.37k)

Wiring diagram

Download (229.81k)

FR - Consumers Info

Recycling, environment and risks.

Download (105.85k)

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